My Experience of Moving to a New Country

  So, now you have moved to a new country to start a new beginning, it’s all daunting, saddening because now you have to leave your family and friends behind to start a new life, but it can also be exciting , as you are entering a new phase. A new beginning! And now you are ready to become accustomed to your new home and life far from your old one. Maybe it’s been a week or a month and you have noticed a lot of differences from what you are used to. The people, the lifestyle, and even your surroundings. You may even experience culture shock! As for me, a South African who has moved over to the United Kingdom and who has been here for a year now, I have certainly noticed a lot of differences, especially coming from a third-world country to a first-world one. And to top it off! I had never left my home country, like at all! Not even for a holiday. So, I just jumped all in . Now you can imagine, someone like myself, taking that big leap and moving to a country that she has ne